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Finding Your Ring Size

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Knowing your own, or loved one's, ring size is like knowing your size shirt: essential.

What does this have to do with margaritas?

When we do shows in historic downtown Santa Fe clients are often coming from an awesome lunch at the Shedd. Their famous margaritas are just that right combination of salt and alcohol to make accurate ring-sizing a challenge. Our hands swell depending on our meals, so keep this in mind if you've just had chips and salsa or are recovering from a night on the town.

What's the weather?Any ring that fits you perfectly on a beautiful summer day is going to be a little loose on a cold day in December. If you are checking your ring size in summer but want to wear the ring all year round, go with a slightly snug fit.

Additional factors to keep in mind

--The wider the band, the tighter the fit.

--The dominant hand is almost always larger in size, so never assume that the same finger on both hands will be the same size.

If you are on a stealth mission

to buy a ring for a loved one as a surprise, you can use our sizing guide to size one of their existing rings if you know that ring is a good fit.

Find your ring size

For the most accurate sizing possible, it is always recommended that you visit a local jeweler who can size you in person. Our sizing guide is here to help if you are unable to do so. Just follow the link on either the Women's Rings or Men's Rings galleries.

We want your ring to fit well. To this end, we will also send you a ring sizer free of charge. Just contact us and you will have your ring sizer within 10 days.

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