Giving Back

Looking for amazing jewelry that serves a greater good? I am. Deborah Klezmer Designs dedicates a portion of proceeds from these pieces to the charitable organizations indicated. 

We Are All Related

Inspired by my friendship with Sky Redhawk, the We Are All Related necklace was created to help donate funding to the Native American relief effort during Covid-19. It serves as a reminder that we are one human family. I hope you'll check out the above video about this piece. It's not every day one witnesses a creative collaboration between a musician and a jeweler. 50% of proceeds from this necklace will be donated to the Native American Relief Fund

I Got You 

In these strange days, we do have each other. I made this necklace after saying this phrase to a friend and it just made me feel...better. This sterling silver necklace is a bold reminder that our strength grows when we share it with others. 25% of proceeds from this necklace will be donated to Esperanza Shelter which provides essential services for victims of domestic violence.