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This necklace is dedicated to my grandfather, Holocaust resistance leader Hermann Wygoda. His first act of defiance against the Nazis was to ignore the order for Jews to surrender their short-wave radios. He credited this decision with saving his life in the early days of the war. With access to news, he was able to stay ahead of troop movements and ultimately made his way to the mountains of Savona, Italy, where he commanded a partisan unit fighting the Nazis and Fascists. The design for the piece I made is physically based on the Cathedral style radio that was in my childhood home. Learning about his experiences when I was very very young, my child’s mind merged his radio with the one I saw everyday and decades later those early experiences helped produce this piece. 30% of proceeds from this necklace will be donated to the Student Press Law Center which defends the First Amendment Rights of high school and college journalists. Sterling silver, diamonds (.045 carats), blue sapphires (.18 carats), yellow sapphires (.12 carats) and garnets (.69 carats). Brushed satin finish with patina.


Please select from 16" or 18" sterling silver spiga chain.



pendant: 1.2" w (31mm) x 1.9" h (48mm)

We Will Never Give Up Our Radios

$1,700.00 Regular Price
$1,190.00Sale Price
  • This piece will ship from our studio within two weeks of your order.

  • Due to the satin finish on this piece and the patina, it may not be necessary to clean this necklace for some time. When that time comes, a polishing cloth is all that is required to for cleaning. One will be included in your package.

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