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Delicate, elegant, and peaceful, this bracelet just feels good to wear. The 18k gold bridge with tiny cherry blossoms crosses the waves to offer safe passage. The sterling silver square wire will fit Med/Sm wrists. This is a very versatile piece and will look as correct on casual days as it will when you are dressed to the nines. Brushed satin finish with patina. Handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Measurements: inside width 53mm (2") x inside depth 44mm (1.7").

Bridge to a New Day Bracelet

  • This limited edition piece is made to order and will ship within two weeks of the time we receive your order.

  • Due to the satin finish on the silver and the patina, it may not be necessary to clean this piece for some time. When that time comes, a polishing cloth is all that is required to clean the bracelet.

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