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Doors have always represented possibility and transformation for me. This mixed-metal necklace is a spectacular celebration of that potential. The door at the center of the pendant, made of 18 karat yellow gold and 10 1.5mm rubies, is a symbol of the courage to keep evolving. The keys in the sterling silver surround serve as a reminder that the key is always within us to open another door. The cherry blossoms at the edge are set with 18 gorgeous 2mm rubies. Brushed satin finish with patina. Handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Please select from 16" or 18" sterling silver madeira chain.



pendant: 1.6" w (42mm) x 1.6" h (42mm)

Standing at the Golden Door

  • This piece will ship from our studio within one week of your order.

  • Due to the satin finish on this piece and the patina, it may not be necessary to clean this necklace for some time. When that time comes, a polishing cloth is all that is required to for cleaning.

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