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Whether you are an avid time-traveler, steampunk enthusiast or someone like me who often feels like they are walking through the perfect intersection of past, present and future, this cuff is adventure-ready. It's rare to find such a beautifully matched set of antique watch parts like the seven on this large sterling silver cuff. Please see second photograph for measurements. Fabricated and cast. Brushed satin finish with patina. Handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Time Traveler Cuff

  • Your order will ship within one week. 

  • Due to the satin finish on the silver and the patina, it may not be necessary to clean this piece for some time. When that time comes, a polishing cloth is all that is required to clean the bracelet. Due to some steel parts in the watch mechanisms, please do not fully submerge this piece in water. No ultrasonic please.

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