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I've always fought against the clock in a Quixotic attempt to slow it down. This cuff reads, "wake me when the timekeeper falls asleep." A combination of fabricated and cast work, this piece has two 5mm natural zircon, two 3mm white sapphires and ten 1.5mm white sapphires around the door. The texture was made with the letter "Z" stamp and the antique watch movement is just gorgeous. Please see the last photo for measurements. This is a heavy, rock-star piece.

Wake Me When The Timekeeper Falls Asleep

  • This piece will ship within one week of your order.

  • Due to the brushed finish on the silver and the patina, it may not be necessary to clean this piece for some time. When that time comes, a polishing cloth is all that is required to clean the cuff. The polishing cloth can be used on the watch movement as well as the rest of the ring. Because there are some steel parts in the watch mechanism, it is not recommended to fully submerge the cuff in water. A polishing cloth will be included in your package.

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